By granting us their time and sharing their knowledge with young engineers around the world, our lecturers are the backbone of the Foundation.

Their dedication and availability are behind the success of the Foundation's actions. In addition, some of them have made a donation to the Foundation.

Our lecturers are selected through the ITA-AITES ITA-CET Committee, they come from both the academic and corporate world.

If you would like to participate in our activities as a lecturer, please contact the ITA-CET committee from the contact page


There are 81 lecturers


ADMIRAAL Han - Netherlands
Managing Director
ITACUS Chairman

AMBERG Felix - Switzerland
Amberg Engineering President
ITACET Foundation Secretary and Treasurer

Anagnostou Georg - Switzerland
ETH Zurich Professor

Assis Andre - Brazil
Univ. Brazilia Full Professor

Babendererde Tim - Germany
Babendererde Engineers CEO

Babendererde Lars - Germany

Baber Jonathan - UK
Institution of Civil Engineers UK Member

Bai Yun - China
Tong Ji University Professor

Bäppler Karin - Germany
Herrenknecht AG Head of Geotechnics &Consulting Traffic Tunnelling

Bilgin Nuh -

Bobylev Nikolai - Russia
Russian Accademy of Sciences Senior Scientist

Broch Einar -
University Professor
Past ITA President


Animateur WG 20

BROX Dean - Canada
Dean Brox Consulting

BURGER Werner - Germany
Herrenknecht AG Chief Engineer

Carmody John - USA
University of Minnesota Director, CSBR

CELESTINO Tarcisio - Brazil
University of San Paolo Professor
ITA President, ITACET Foundation Council Member

CHIRIOTTI Elena - France
Head of Tunnelling and Earthworks Dep.
Animateur ITA Working Group 2

Cording Edward, J. -

CORNARO Antonia - Switzerland
Amberg Engineering Sales Manager International
ITACUS Vice chair

DEFFAYET Michel - France
CETU Manager
Vice Chairman ITA-CET Committee

Delpierre Charles-Edouard - France
ENGIE Senior Project Manager

DIX Arnold -
Arnold Dix Consultancy (Director)
Member of the Executive Council (2017-2020) Tutor WG 6

Dupré Frank -
Vice President of the FIEC

Durville Jean-Louis - France

Ehrbar Heinz -

Elioff Amanda - USA
Parsons Brinckerhoff Senior Professional Associate
Vice President & Tutor Itacus

ESKESEN Soren Degn - Denmark
Past ITA President & Tutor WG 14

Gall Vojtech - USA
GALL ZEIDLER Consultants Principal

GALLER Robert - Austria
Univ. Leoben Full Professor, Head of Chair
ITA-CET Committee Chairman

Gérard Michel -

Goel R.K. - India
Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research

Golser Johann - Austria
Geoconsult Holding Advisor

GOMES Alexandre - Brazil
ITA Vice President (2016-2019)
ITA Vice President (2016-2019)

GRASSO Piergiorgio - Italy
Geodata President of Geodata
Former ITA Vice President and Executive Council Member

Grossauer Karl - Switzerland
Amberg Engineering Director of Geotechnical Division

GROV Eivind - Norway
Sintef / NTMU Research manager / Profesor
Former ITA ExCo member

Grübl Fritz - Germany
PSP Consulting Engineers GmbH Managing Director
ITA Member of the Executive Council (2003-2006)

Haug Ruth -
LNS Project Director
ITA Executive Council Member

Hoj Niels Peter - Switzerland
HOJ Consulting Director

HUMBERT Emmanuel -

Member of ITA Working Group 2

Parsons Brinckerhoff Inc. Vice President
Anim WG 11

KNIGHTS Martin - United Kingdom
CH2MHill Halcrow Managing Director
Former ITA President

KOLIC Davorin - Croatia
Neuron Consult Managing Director
Exco member, Tutor WG 11

LAMONT Donald - UK

Animateur ITA WG5

Leca Eric - France
Arcadis Group Technical Director
ITA Vice President

Lee In-Mo - Korea
Korea University Professor
President - 2010 - 2012

Lee In-Mo - South Korea
School of Civil Eng., Korea Univ. Professor
ITA Past President & Tutor WG 20

LEUCKER Roland - Germany
Past ITA COSUF chairman

Lovat Rick - Canada

ITA First Vice President & Tutor WG 14, Tutor ITAtech

Muncke Martin - Austria
ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG Senior Expert

Nath Senthil - Singapore
Geoconsult Sr. Tunnel Engineer

NEUENSCHWANDER Matthias - Switzerland
Neuenschwander Consulting Engineers
Animateur of ITA WG3

Nilsen Bjorn - Norway
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Noppadol Phienwej -
Asian Institute of Technology - Thailand

Peev Edson - Brazil
Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial Senior Engineer

PEILA Daniele - Italy
Politecnico di Torino Professor
Former ITA ExCo member



ROHDE Jan - Norway

Animateur of ITA WG 15

Russell Henry - USA
Parsons Brinckerhoff Senior Vice President

Ruzzi Louis - USA
Pennsylvania Department of Transport Engineer

Schmitz Pierre - Belgium
Ministry of the Brussels Region Senior Engineer

Seingre Gérard - Switzerland
AF-Colenco Ltd Site Manager
Animateur ITA WG17

Louisiana Tech University (retired) Professor Emeritus

SUBRIN Didier -


Suwansawat Vince Suchatvee - Thailand
King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Director of Ladkrabang
President of Thailand Underground and Tunneling Group (TUTG

Thewes Markus - Germany
Institute for Tunnelling and Construction Management Full Professor

Tonon Fulvio - USA
Univ. of Texas Austin Assistant Professor

Vähäaho IIkka - Finland
City of Helsinki Geotechnics Head of Division

Vion Olivier - France
ITA Executive Director Executive Director

Vogel Martin - Switzerland
SUVA Safety Engineer
WG 05

Vrkljan Ivan - Croatia
University of Rijeka Professor Emeritus

WAGNER Harald - Thailand
Consulting engineer TUTG Expert
Former ITA Vice President

Weiss Roland - Switzerland
VersuchsStollen Hagerbach AG Managing Director

Wetzig Volker - Switzerland
Hagerbach Test Gallery Ltd. Managing Director

Yan Jinxiu (Jenny) - China
China Railway Research Institute Co.,Ltd Professor, Deputy General manager
ITA Vice President 2016-2019 & Tutor WG 17

Yoo Chungsik - Korea
Sungkyunkwan University Professor

Zhao Jian - Switzerland
EPFL Professor of Rock Mechanics and Tunnelling

Zhou Yingxin - Singapore
Defence Science of Technology Agency Senior Principal Engineer

Zingg Sara - Switzerland
ETH Zurich, Institute for Geotechnical Engineering (IGT), Chair of Underground C Research Assistant, Doctoral student