Newsletter #9 - September 2011

Newsletter #9 - September 2011
   President's address


The Council of the Foundation met early September in Sargans (Switzerland) at the  occasion of the Exhibition IUT’11 organized in Hagerbach Test Gallery.

We had the pleasure to meet the Industry representatives in Tunnelling and especially the animateur of the new ITA Committee “ITATECH” and to start the cooperation between the Foundation and the Committee
I am also very pleased to inform that the Foundation started to sponsor foreign Students to participate to the ITA-endorsed Postgraduate Master Courses in EPFL-Lausanne, TUSC-Torino and INSA/ENTPE-Lyon; the Foundation decide to grant three students from Turkey (Lyon), Nepal (Lausanne) and another one to decide soon in Torino; each will receive 5000 € in order to help them to finance their tuition fees. We hope to continue this effort in the future, even to increase it, and so contribute to the development of the Tunnelling knowledge through appropriate courses.
As you will read in this newsletter, the ITA President and myself signed a joint letter to recommend to ITA Member Nations to call the Foundation for the organization of Training Sessions; as a consequence, the Foundation increased the number of events under preparation and is doing its best to organize this year at least ten events throughout the world.
Eng. Abdullah Al-Mogbel
ITACET Foundation President



   Message to ITA-AITES Member Nations.


Mr. In-Mo Lee, President of ITA-AITES and Eng. Abdullah A. Almogbel President of the ITACET Foundation sent a join message to the Presidents of the 64 ITA-AITES Member Nations.

This message is intended to confirm to ITA members nations the strategy of the ITA Association as regards Education and Training.  Furthermore, it specifies the framework agreement between the ITA Member Nations and the Foundation.

Finally, this message invites all Member Nations to use the services of the Foundation as an organizing body for training actions.

Please refer to your national ITA association to know more, or contact directly the secretariat of the Foundation by email or by phone ++41 21 21 693 08 67

Original letter is available as Pdf Download >>


   Next Event in China


The next event produced by the Foundation will be the Two days Seminar on Safety Aspect of Tunnel Operation in Shanghai, China,   12-13 November 2011

Seminar Objective is to provide an introduction to the safe use and operation of metro and road tunnel systems. The seminar will provide a general overview to be followed by more in-depth sessions on operation, monitoring technology, fire control and research.

The seminar aims at Clients, Designers, Consultants and Operators.

Four lecturers from the ITACET Network, namely, MM. Felix Amberg (President of Amberg Group and President of the Swiss Tunnelling Society) , Niels Peter Høj (Founder of HOJ Consulting, Switzerland), Peter Reinke (Manager HBI Haerter Ltd, Berne Office Switzerland) and  Henry A. Russell Jr. (Senior Vice President and Principal Professional Associate of PB Americas  Inc)  andwill give courses on four topics:

    General Overview
    Specific Aspects of Safety of Metro Systems
    Specific Aspects of Safety of Road Tunnels
    Fire control in Metro and Road Tunnels 

Download the Program>>



   Future Training session


Nepal ( Katmandu): Training Session on Sprayed Concrete in Tunnelling Under Himalayan conditions 09-10 december 2011 
Tentative program is available, download it here >>

Cambodia (Phnom Penh) : Workshop on Tunneling and Underground Space Technology 14 December 2011.

Five lecturers from the ITA-AITES Network, namely MM. Felix Amberg, Piergiorgio Grasso, In-Mo Lee, Olivier Vion and Harald Wagner, will be present to this one day training session.

Covered topics of this training session will be: Why Go Underground ? | Principles for choice of a Tunnelling Method | Conventional Tunnelling Methods | Mechanized Tunnelling Methods | Principles for Design | Ground Recognition | Ground Improvement

Mexico (Mexico): Training Session on Tunnelling Design and construction March 2012

Thailand (Bangkok) : Training Session on Tunnelling in urban areas 18 -19 May 2012
Program is currently in its finalization stage. Check our web site end late October for detailed information.

Contact the secretariat of the Foundation for further information about these training session.


   Software application in Tunnelling


The two days seminar co-organised by the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC) , Softwarepark Hagenberg and the ITACET Foundation hosted more than fourty participants.

In the seminar, aspects of various applications of software in geotechnical and tunnelling works were presented by scientists, consultants, contractors and clients. Representatives of ITACET Foundation delivered an opening address, chaired sessions and also delivered lectures.

Beside the presentations also practical training on the application of the software was part of the 2-day seminar.

The Foundation is already looking forward to organize the second edition to be held in 2012.


   Master Course in Lyon, France

On October 3rd, the Executive director of the ITACET Foundation participated to the opening of the Postgraduate Master Course "Tunnels and underground structures, from design to operation" in Lyon, France. This Master course is organized by the School of Engineers - ENTPE and the university of Science and Technology - INSA of Lyon.

13 students from 10 countries will participate to the course. Beside 4 from France, 9 come from the following countries: Algeria, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Chili, China, Columbia, Greece, Turkey and Uruguay.

The Foundation supports M. Murat Balatan, a young engineer from Turkey, by sponsoring part of its tuition fees.

We remind you that the Foundation may help financially students  for all or part of the scholarship for the ITA-AITES ITACET endorsed master course. Please refer to our "Scholarship" page to know more >>


   ITA-AITES New ITATECH Committee


During the general assemblies held at the WTC'11 in Helsinki, former President of ITA-AITES, Mr. Martin Knight  announced  the creation of the ITA-AITES ITATECH committee.

This committee is intended to reenforce the synergy between the Association and its corporates partners.

As training will be significant part of its concerns,  the Foundation, through representatives of its Council, is already in contact with the founding members of this committee.


   ITACET website


Since its initial launch in June 2009, the itacet website has seen an healthy increase of its frequentation. 
It is interesting to note that for the last quarter, and for the first time since its creation, the web site has been visited by visitors from 65 different countries around the world.