Newsletter #4 - September 2010

Newsletter #4 - September 2010
   Editorial, Mr. Felix Amberg

 Felix Amberg, Fondator and owner of Amberg group

Exactly one year ago, on 29. September 2009, ITA CET Foundation came to life in its inaugural meeting in Lausanne. Not more than 12 months have past and the foundation is already busy in reacting to a lot of requests coming from many countries
to organize training sessions.

This is a very positive development as it shows that ITA CET Foundation takes up and responds to a substantial need of our industry. Thanks to the close interaction with the ITA CET Committee it has been possible so far to for the ITA CET Foundation
to deliver the services and support the queries have been asking for. The positive and stimulating start is also reflected in the first balance sheets of the foundation which show a small surplus in the operational activities and which is
far better than the budgeted deficit. The ITA CET Foundation also could welcome new main donors and regular donors which have increased the funds of the foundation significantly (for more information go to target="_blank">

However this positive and stimulating reception of ITA CET also has put quite a pressure on all parties: the ITA CET foundation and its operative arm, the Executive Board and the ITA CET Committee as well. In order to satisfy the demands and requests
for training courses and seminars, the corresponding programs of the courses had to be set up, speakers to be identified, the quality of the presentations to be ensured and a lot of administrative matters to be taken care of. The Executive
Board worked hard in the last months to cope with the high demand.

In parallel to the work on the training courses, all necessary administrative and organisational structures and procedures of the ITA CET Foundation have to be put in place – a process which is not yet terminated and which will need additional
efforts and the close attention of both the Council of the Foundation and the Executive Board in the coming months. It is of the outmost importance that the ITA CET Foundation is able to quickly establish reliable and easy to handle procedures
and processes for an efficient work while securing simultaneously a high quality of all rendered services.

Already now it also has become apparent that the available resources are not enough to cope with the demand and consequently the Council of the Foundation has approved to enlarge the staff. In a couple of weeks a secretary will support the Executive
Board in its activities.

But also the ITA CET Committee has been facing a challenge too. New forms of training courses were proposed and syllabus of new courses had to be approved (you may find the updated portfolio under target="_blank"> ITA CET also was contacted to support training courses for professionals (non academic persons) – an interesting new field of training and education which ITA CET
will certainly pay attention to.

All this underlines the importance that is accredited to the work of ITA CET and it proves that ITA has made a decisive move to satisfy the need for training and education. These are very positive and encouraging signs for everybody within ITA
supporting and working for ITA CET and they will help them to master the challenges ahead.

Mr. Felix Amberg is President and owner of the Amberg Group

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   Training session - 10.2010 - Abu-Dhabi (UEA)

"Design and Construction of Immersed Tunnels"

5-6 October 2010 in Abu-Dhabi.

Overview of the training session: 

Session 1: Overview and Introduction

Session 2: Sizing and Designing the Structure

Session 3: Construction, Afloat and Geotechnical

Session 4: Final Operations, Risk and the Future


Program is available>>


   Training session - 10.2010 - Buenos Aires


"Construction Methods for Tunnelling"  22-23 October 2010 in Buenos AIres.

Universidad Católica Argentina Convention Center 

Rosario Vera Peñaloza and Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1680 View map 

Friday 22 and Saturday October 23 - 09 to 18 hs.

Programme is available>>

Argentina's newly founded Association of Tunnels and Underground Space (AATES)

is pleased to welcome the Board of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) in Buenos Aires  and organize together an academic seminar.

The meeting will be addressed to national professionals interested in the topic of tunnels, particularly on machining and conventional tunnels construction methods in urban and interurban areas.

AATES has been officially recognized by ITA in its general meeting in Toronto, Canada, as its delegation in Argentina.

Through this seminar, AATES will announce its mission and goals, as well as the members of the Board and its sponsoring companies.

The event will be attended by representatives of the National Government and the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.


   Foundation next events


Bangkok (Thailand)  – November 2010:  “Principles for Tunnel Design”, further information will be available soon on our website. Contact the organization or register by e-mail:

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – 27-28 February 2011: "Principles for Tunnel Design” 

Helsinki (Finland) – 20-21 May 2011: Training session on “Holistic Approach for use of wet sprayed concrete for rock support” during WTC 2011



   Foundation Council

The council of the ITACET Foundation met  in Lausanne, on September 14th, 2010. 
At this occasion, the council approved the minutes of the 3th Council of the Foundation held in June 2010.
To read these minutes and acknowledge the main decision taken please, contact the secretariat,


   News from ITA-AITES

Next events sponsored by the International Tunneling and underground space association - ITA-AITES:

  • ISAB 2010 - First International Symposium on Archimedes Bridge, Qiandao Lake, China during October 17-20, 2010 target="_blank">to know more>>
  • CRTS China, the 6th China Rail Transit Technology Exhibition, 18 - 20 November 2010 - Beijing China target="_blank">to know more >>