How to organize a training session: FAQ

Who should I contact if I want to organize a training session?

Please contact our secretariat by email, who will transfer your request to the executive director of the Foundation.


What are the first steps in organizing a training session?

You (the client) will be asked to explain the context, the desired topic and the envisaged budget of the training session. The Foundation has a portfolio of “ready-made” training sessions, covering a wide variety of topics. The proposed programmes are available on our web site. These programmes may obviously be adapted to meet your specific requirements.


The executive director and the Foundation’s secretariat will then explain the procedures that you need to follow.


What if the relevant topic is not in the portfolio?

If you wish to organize a training session on a topic other than those in our portfolio, the Foundation will obviously consider your request and together with the ITA-CET Committee, will look into the feasibility of organizing such a session.


What specific services does the Foundation provide for the organization of training sessions?


The role of the Foundation is to coordinate the pedagogic aspects of the training session. It will:


  • work with the ITA-CET Committee to adapt the training session programme to the client’s requirements and choose suitable lecturers,
  • collect the presentations from the lecturers and edit the training session proceedings, so that the client may print them or provide participants with a digital version
  • organize the lecturer’s travel arrangements (flight bookings)
  • provide the client with a template for a flyer to promote the training session, if necessary
  • help the client to handle participants’ registration and payment, when requested.



Who finances the training session?


If the client is an ITA Member Nation representative, the Foundation bears the financial risks. It advances the lecturers’ travel costs and costs related to secretarial and editing activities, in the hope that the success of the training session will enable the client to reimburse the Foundation’s expenses.


The client is expected to bear costs related to logistic aspects: hiring of the venue, printing of leaflets and proceedings for participants, catering etc.


Click here to download the agreement for the co-organization of training sessions with ITA Member Nations.


If the client is a company member of ITA, then this company will be expected to pay for:


  • administrative preparation (2000€ for each day of the training session)
  • the travel expenses and any other local costs for 2 lecturers per day, per training session (around 2000€ per lecturer)
  • a labour fee of 200€ per lecture given.


Click here to download the agreement for the co-organization of training sessions with companies.



What if my company / institution does not have the financial means to fully bear the costs? Is there a way for the Foundation to increase its level of financial support?


Of course! Your request will be put to the Council of the Foundation who will look into the possibility of additional funding.


Why should I approach the Foundation instead of another private or public training institution?

The Foundation was created to promote education and training in tunnelling and underground space throughout the world and in particular in emerging countries. We fully understand that some of these countries will not have the financial means to organize such events.

In addition, the Foundation’s lecturers are members of ITA and as such, they are amongst the leading world experts in their field.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!