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19.05.2016 Santiago de Chile. "Health, safety and logistic in Tunnel construction" 10-11 August 2016, program is available>>

26.04.2016 Events report: WTC 2016, Monitoring and control in Tunnelling & Underground Space Use

22.03.2016 Three new courses added to our Portfolio

10.04.2016 Training in preparation>>

10.02.2016 Our Winter Newsletter is online >>


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Health & Safety & Logistic in Tunnel Construction

CTES Tunnelling and Underground space Committee of ChileTwo-day Training session for continuing education
10-11 August 2016 – Santiago de Chile

This training aims to provide an introduction to Health and Safety, and Logistics in tunnel construction.
The seminar will provide a general overview to be followed by more in-depth sessions on the hazards and risk associated with specific tunnelling techniques, generic safety and health issues affecting tunnel construction.
Finally, logistics in tunnel construction will be presented focusing on long tunnels as well as tunnel in urban areas.

Tentative program available >>

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Monitoring and control in Tunnelling.

Pre WTC training session for continuing education
22-24 April 2016, San Francisco, California.

Monitoring is of crucial importance to any underground project.

Whether in the preparatory phases or during excavation, proper monitoring, data collection and data analysis are essential to insure safety of the excavation work and of the existing structures close to it.

Proper monitoring and data analysis allow better risk management and mitigation. For mechanized tunnelling it improves the chance to achieve acceptable performance and is also an effective means to allow construction procedures to be adjusted during excavation.

ITACET training session on Monitoring and control in Tunnelling at the WTC 2016 San Francisco

The aim of the training course organized 22-24 April 2016, just before the opening of the WTC2016 in San Francisco, was to provide an understanding of what monitoring is, its field of application during underground work and to present methods, examples and various monitoring instrumentation.

The course was intended for every party involved in the design, construction or decision making phase of the field.

The training was open with an elocution of Mr. Søren Degn Eskesen, President of ITA-AITES and a welcome word of Bill Hamshire, coordinator of the training session for UCA of SME, the host of the WTC 2016 congress.

The program proposed lectures who alternated academic presentation with real life examples and outline of cases histories.

ITA-AITES Committee for education and training (ITA-CET) in coordination with the congress organizer, UCA of SME, selected and delegated 15 high level lecturers to the training.

Delegates of leading companies in the field were also invited to lecture at the course to share their field experiences. The complete list and a short resume of the lecturers of the training session is available here>>

Topics covered all aspects of monitoring, planing, instrumentation (equipment and typical applications), interpretation of monitoring data, role of monitoring in risk management, contractual aspects and case histories.

65 Participants from four continents and 20 different countries attended the two-day course. The training was concluded with lively discussion and at the satisfaction of all participants.

Next year the WTC training session will be held in Bergen, Norway, the program is already in preparation and will be announced in autumn.

Underground Space Use

Pre WTC training session for continuing education.
22-24 April 2016, San Francisco California.

“The use of underground space is seen to be vital in a world where more than half of the population now lives in urban areas.
Further concentration in mega-cities is a trend which cannot be stopped.

The use of underground space can contribute to sustainable development, maintaining liveability and preparing the world for the impact of climate change. Creating awareness on the use of underground space in this respect is vital.” *abstract of ITACUS goal

imageIncreasing awareness on the multiple benefits to go underground, especially in urban environment is one

of the main goal of the ITA Committee on Underground Space (ITACUS ) and its sister organization, Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS).

The training session “Underground Space Use” was co-organized by the ITACET Foundation and the WTC2016, San Francisco.

The program has been developed by ITACUS and ITACET committee.

Prof. Ray Sterling, ACUUS co-founder and coordinator of the Training session.

Four lecturers were present, in the order of their intervention: Messrs Han Admiraal, Enprodes and chairman of the ITACUS committee, Prof. Ray Sterling, Louisiana Tech. University and co- founder of ACUUS, Antonia Cornaro, Amberg Group Ltd. and Monique Labbé, les ateliers Monique Labbé.

The aim of the course was to give information to engineers, architects, planners and public administrators on the advantages of underground space and structures in urban areas.

The training program was divided in four sessions:

-Introduction and Overview

-Cost and Risks Issues / Advantages and Disadvantages

-Architectural, planning and cost-benefit issues for broad-scale underground space use

-Guidance for planning and design of underground spaces

All along the training, several cases history were presented and their respective key issues highlighted.
Advantages and disadvantages of the solutions or methods used in these cases were discussed.

The presentation were of a very high level although still very comprehensive.

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TUNNEL DESIGN. NEW DATES  Bhutan, Thimphu, 17-18 October 2016.

IMMERSED TUNNELS. Amsterdam, Nederland, 06-07 Septembre 2016.

CONTRACTS and RISKS. Nepal, Kathmandu, October 2016.

Three new programs added to our Portfolio
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The ITACET Committee finalized three new programs that are readily available to be organized by the Foundation :

- Sustainable Tunnelling

- Numerical Simulation for Tunnel Design

- Calculation Methods for Tunnel Design

Detail and tentative program availabel on our Portfolio page >>

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ITACET Foundation Winter newsletter>>

On this edition, ITACET Foundation President eng. Abdullah A. Al-Mogbel comment on the importance of risk mitigation and disaster management.

We detail the topics of the two WTC2016 Training session (22-23 April 2016), who's programs are just finalized; and publish the program of the forthcoming training session on Waterproffing to be held in Santiago Chile on 16-17 March 2016.

You can also read a report on the January training session: "Landslides and Tunnelling" & "Rockfall and Protection technique" both held in Riyadh at the initiative of the Ministry of Transport.

We present three new programs for short courses prepared by the ITA-CET Committee on Sustainable Tunnelling, Calculation Methods and Numerical simulation for tunnel design.

Finaly, some news from two of our sponsored MAS students, a word on a special lecture given by Prof. Robert Galler at the CETU of Lyon, announcement of our next training session and an information about a special teaching week at the MAS Tunnelling and Tunnel boring machine of Turin (I)..

Our Newsletter is also be available as "print version", you can download it here (Adobe Pdf) >>

Enjoy your reading >>